We are shipping pallets from Thessaloniki to Europe

May: Offers in Ukrainian and Greek Walnuts

About us

Carpebo is a new upcoming company founded by a family with 30 years history in nuts trading.

From 1992, Balesntravos’ family with nuts imports, especially sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds and walnuts, succeded in the whosalers’ nuts industry in Greece. Alongside with nuts trading, our family developed other business activities in agriculture indrustry until 2013.

That year, we decided the exclusive avocation with the nuts indrustry, as a nuts trading company, specialized in the walnuts as our main trading product. Presenlty, Carpebo, having further enriched its product range, is a trusted partner and addresses both, wholesale companies of nuts and confectionery industries, as well as retail stores and small pastry shops.


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